Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A4A news - AFUA ROCKS an event on the 04.05.2015

we want to announce the next silent auction event 

Date of the auction: 04.05.2015 
Duration: 19:00 till 21:37 hours
Place: FELD+HAUS - Kleine Rittergasse 11 - 60594 Frankfurt am Main

see the available art works here art 4 afua works

dear friends of Afua we have also some news 

after her operation Afua did have some problems with blood and other problems related with the amputation of her left arm. she could not continue with the regular chemotherapy rhythm for a while but after  sometime she was able to continue with it. she did a trip to get her prosthetic arm and now she is doing fine. but that means she will have to prolong her stay. 

like i said before she is an amazing 11 years old. even with all the distress of living faraway from love ones and not a normal life she is doing really good. always ready to play, learn and run around. like any mother lydian is a hero and we cry and laugh many times together. thanks to all the friends that are around to help Afua's journey be less painful in all sense of that word. special thanks to gabi, tea, katrin, jochen, laila, avi, johanna, yvonne, paulina and martin.

here a souvenir from a fun time with Afua  

afua rocks video

this work was done by Afua herself, ultra cool!!!

thanks to all the participants of the 3th event for AFUA. first of all for the artists that donate their works. second to those that acquired the works. and thanks specially to anna FELD+HAUS for her great help. 

16 artists 
17 artworks - paintings, etchings, drawings, photography, installation, print, collage.
6 works sold - €1.900,00 donated - totaling now €11.750,00 

some works still available check here art 4 afua works


Saturday, August 23, 2014

A4A the event 18.08.2014

   19 artists 
   19 art works  - paintings, sculptures, etchings, drawings , photography 
   6 works sold - €3.100,00 donated totaling €9.850,00

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the second 'silent auction/stille Auktion' für Afua

'silent auction/stille Auktion' für Afua

some new works will be add to the auction 

Date of the auction: 18.08.2014 
Duration: from 8 pm till 11:11 pm
Place: margarete - Braubachstraße 18 – 22  - 60311 Frankfurt am Main

franziska kneidl - K. F:, 2007

to see the available works go here

thanks for the kindness of simon and raffaela for hosting the event at margarete

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Afua - news

on the 21.08.2014 our litte Afua was operated. her left arm was amputate. the procedure took 4 hours. now she is  in the intensive care station. she will have 2 weeks of post operation convalescence. her after will come to visit her next monday.

if anybody wants to write her a car wit well wishes just sent it to this address:

to Afua 
℅ saul judd
gutleutestrasse 8-12
60495 - frankfurt am main

on the 29 of august she will become 11 years 


after her 4th chemotherapy she went home and finally could enjoy the company of suzy. what make her very happy. again thanks moni and alex for that nice gift.

after the weekend she returned to the hospital for her 5th chemotherapy. she is coping very well with the situation even if sometimes is very hard as she can not go anywhere but from home to the hospital till the treatment is over.


we delivered Susie to Afua.  unhappily she could not see it because she had to go to the hospital to take care of a throat infection that occurred because her immune system was very week after the 3th chemotherapy. please send her good energy that she can recover form it very soon and keep doing the treatment that she needs. susie now is in Afua's room - see image below - at her temporary home for children with serious illness and their parents.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A4A the event 19.07.2014

   35 artists 
   36 art works  - paintings, sculptures, installations, etchings, drawings , photography 
   19 works sold - €6750,00 donated

    all photos by avi dehlinger © 2014


    the benches are a work from levent kunt - courtesy of the artist 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Afua has already gone through 3 chemotherapies she lost her hair and have all the typical side effects of this treatment but she is very strong like all 10 years old usually are. But is very hard to do the chemoteraphie because now it is one process that takes 24 hours every infusion. But is necessary. In my last visit i show her some of the works that were donate to her for the auction. One item in particular 'susi' donated by our friends from saasfee she likes very much. So much so that we decide that susi should not be auctioned it and instead Afua should keep it.

We thank all the great artist that are participating in the auction from the bottom of our hearts.

young joo lee ll-jin choi barak reiser caroline krause corinna mayer e.r. nele nathalie grenzhäuser günter zehetner jochem hendricks jürgen krause lena  grewenig martin hoener nicolaj dudek flo maak sarah schoderer stefan mannel tilen zbona thomas buck murray gaylard saasfee wolfgang oppermann valentin beinrot winter-hoerbelt anne kaminsky veit laurent kurz franziska kneidl marcel petry zero reiko ishihara levent kunt karsten kraft christiane feser hannes michanek stefan wieland  alexander bacon seth pick christiana protto geli schulenburg jan schmidt christin berg mike bouchet

thank you to the great A4A team 
yvonne leonhart paulina campos johanna suess laila nissen 
& martin schowoerer for transporting the art

to avi dehlinger for great photography, 
to viv & greg, eva & michael for the music.
to all friends at lichter e.V. 
to all friends at basis e. V. 
for raffaela and simon at margarete. 
which without the amazing support would not be possible to do the events.

1000 merci in name of little Afua.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Art 4 Afua - the works


LOT 3822

jan schmidt - untitled, 2009, 
                    print: 20 x 15 cm,  paper: 58 x 42 cm, unframed
                    drypoint etching ed.5+2


estimated value of the lot: € 700,00 - 900,00 
minimum bid: € 400,00 

LOT 3784

christiana protto - Säulen (Shanghai 2007), 2007 
                           30,5 x 45 cm, Edition Nr.: 1/10
estimated value of the lot  € 700,00 - 900,00
minimum bid: € 400,00

LOT 11

   young joo lee - 'From nowhere and everywhere', 2012, 250 x 150cm
                          digital print
   estimated value of the lot  € 500,00 - 700,00
   minimum bid: € 400,00
LOT 38

      caroline krause -  „Vorhang"  2012, 29,7 x 21 cm, unframed  53 x 43 cm;  
                                Bleistift, Sprühlack und Tusche auf Papier
      estimated value of the lot  € 500,00 - 650,00
      minimum bid: € 400,00

LOT  411


   corinna mayer -  "Mit Tierchen“, 2007, 40 x 30 cm framed, 
                            pencill on paper  
   estimated value of the lot  € 300,00 - 400,00
   minimum bid: € 250,00


LOT 26101

   marcel petry - "L´arrivée de…, 2013  70 x 100 cm, slik screen edition of 4/2
   estimated value of the lot  € 400,00 - 500,00
   minimum bid: € 300,00

LOT 2495

   veit laurent kurz - untitled, 2014,  50 x 40cm, 
   painting,  acryl on canvas, model leaves, marker
   estimated value of the lot  € 1000,00 - 1500,00
minimum bid: € 400,00

LOT 2072

     wolfgang oppermann - "mit Elvira Bach“, 1984, 41,8 x 56,5cm Siebdruck 
     estimated value of the lot  € 150,00 - 200,00
     minimum bid: € 100,00

LOT 1025 

     jochem hendricks - o. T. (weiter sehen), 1986, Tusche auf Papier, 

                                 29,7 x 21 cm
     estimated value of the lot  € 800,00 - 1200,00
     minimum bid: € 400,00

LOT 29107

   karsten kraft  - “sphere“, 2013, 60x60cm - oil on canvas 

   estimated value of the lot  € 900,00 - 1200,00
   minimum bid: € 500,00

from here on showing only the lots already taken

LOT 22 gone

      ll-jin choi - untitled, 2011, 100cm x 45cm, Ink on canvas

LOT 37 gone

     barak reiser  - Pièce blanche, 2009, 24x32 cm, 
                          Ink and Acrylic Colour on pape

LOT 514 gone


    e.r. nele - Der Kopf "Open mind“, 1980, bronze sculpture, 
                   variable dimensions 

LOT 619 gone
      nathalie grenzhäuser La Marea I, 2014, 42 x 56,3cm, 
                                     framed 56 x 71 cm, Archival Inkjet Print on  
                                     Hahnemühle Paper Edition Number: Nr. 3/10 + 3 AP

LOT 720

   günter zehetner - J.B, 2007 framed: 42 x 42 - unframe 27 x 20 cm

                              color print edition 1/5

LOT 1559

      stefan mannel - "Ausfallstraße nearby Neuenburg", 2011, 60 x 90 cm,   

LOT 1766

   thomas buck - untitle, 2011, 62x40cm Oil on canvas

LOT 27103 gone

    zero reiko ishihara -  Ningyo, 2014, 40 x 30 cm, Radierung hand koloriert

LOT 28106 gone

      levent kunt - untitled, 2013, 67 x 52 cm, carton acrylic painting
LOT 2180 gone

   valentin beinroth - „Victoria", 2012 Edition #09/15 untreated sheet of brass
                              dimensions variable    
LOT 2292 gone


       winter-hoerbelt, 2014, 1 hocker / 1 small stool and one frame   
                               drawing. diverse materials dimension variable

LOT 2393 gone

       anne kaminsky - "Girls swimming in the woods“, 2014, 
       framed 49,5 x 25,3 cm, unframed 50 x 70 cm, Drypoint etching

LOT 928 gone 

   jürgen krause - hand drawing 16.11.2012, 29,7x2cm, pencil on paper



LOT 1133 gone

      martin hoener - "Die Genommenen und die Nichtgenommenen", 2007, 
                              31 x 22 cm, double side collage.

LOT 1240 

      nicolaj dudek - "N.N.", 2014, 21 x 29,5 framed, Acrylic, 
                             feltpen, denatured alcohol on decoration foilSigned on 
                             backside paper sticker 
LOT 1342 gone

   flo maak -  WALD (New York City), 2011, 21 x 29,7 cm portfolio with 
                    4 four pigment      prints on archival paper 

LOT 1870 gone

murray gaylard, The Trouble with Mushrooms, 2014, 41,8 x 56,5cm,
                         Indian ink, watercolour, plastic rubber on paper


LOT 31109 

   hannes michaneck  - untitled, 2014, 29 x 32cm, oil on canvas



LOT 32110 


     stefan wieland, 2014, 74 x 10 cm Acrylglas, Acrylfarbe, Vinylfarbe, 

                            Nagel, Blatt, Lack 


LOT 30108 gone

   christiane feser - "Study K70“ 2012, 20 x 30 cm, Cut Out Laserprint    

LOT 33111 

   alexander bacon - ​Untitled, 2013, 36 x 48 cm, Acrylic on paper

 LOT 3656 gone

image not available 

 seth pick - seascape, 2013, 50 x 50 cm , painting, oil on canvas

LOT 4083 - gone 

mike bouchet -  untitled, 2006, 
                       30x42 cm unframed

LOT 399 gone

christin berg - die Überfahrt, 2013 C-Print, 
                     Size: 70x70 cm  framed Picture size: 30x40 cm

LOT 1454 gone

      sarah schoderer -  'that´s it', 2012, oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm   

LOT 2597 gone

      franziska kneidl - K. F:, 2007, 40 x 30 cm, Acrylic on canvas


 LOT 1031 gone

         lena grewenig -  black flower, 2013, 13 cm x 18 cm, oil on canvas, 
LOT 41112

   jochen peter - untitle2011, 10,5 x 14,2cm, unframed
                         22,5 x 26,65cm, framed
                         collage, mix media on paper

LOT 42113

timo van grinsven - 

The beginnings of two eternities will never meet again, 2015

installation - dimensions: variable. fine liner and press                          
technique on paper. edition n°1/1