Saturday, July 19, 2014

Afua has already gone through 3 chemotherapies she lost her hair and have all the typical side effects of this treatment but she is very strong like all 10 years old usually are. But is very hard to do the chemoteraphie because now it is one process that takes 24 hours every infusion. But is necessary. In my last visit i show her some of the works that were donate to her for the auction. One item in particular 'susi' donated by our friends from saasfee she likes very much. So much so that we decide that susi should not be auctioned it and instead Afua should keep it.

We thank all the great artist that are participating in the auction from the bottom of our hearts.

young joo lee ll-jin choi barak reiser caroline krause corinna mayer e.r. nele nathalie grenzhäuser günter zehetner jochem hendricks jürgen krause lena  grewenig martin hoener nicolaj dudek flo maak sarah schoderer stefan mannel tilen zbona thomas buck murray gaylard saasfee wolfgang oppermann valentin beinrot winter-hoerbelt anne kaminsky veit laurent kurz franziska kneidl marcel petry zero reiko ishihara levent kunt karsten kraft christiane feser hannes michanek stefan wieland  alexander bacon seth pick christiana protto geli schulenburg jan schmidt christin berg mike bouchet

thank you to the great A4A team 
yvonne leonhart paulina campos johanna suess laila nissen 
& martin schowoerer for transporting the art

to avi dehlinger for great photography, 
to viv & greg, eva & michael for the music.
to all friends at lichter e.V. 
to all friends at basis e. V. 
for raffaela and simon at margarete. 
which without the amazing support would not be possible to do the events.

1000 merci in name of little Afua.

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