Sunday, July 27, 2014

Afua - news

on the 21.08.2014 our litte Afua was operated. her left arm was amputate. the procedure took 4 hours. now she is  in the intensive care station. she will have 2 weeks of post operation convalescence. her after will come to visit her next monday.

if anybody wants to write her a car wit well wishes just sent it to this address:

to Afua 
℅ saul judd
gutleutestrasse 8-12
60495 - frankfurt am main

on the 29 of august she will become 11 years 


after her 4th chemotherapy she went home and finally could enjoy the company of suzy. what make her very happy. again thanks moni and alex for that nice gift.

after the weekend she returned to the hospital for her 5th chemotherapy. she is coping very well with the situation even if sometimes is very hard as she can not go anywhere but from home to the hospital till the treatment is over.


we delivered Susie to Afua.  unhappily she could not see it because she had to go to the hospital to take care of a throat infection that occurred because her immune system was very week after the 3th chemotherapy. please send her good energy that she can recover form it very soon and keep doing the treatment that she needs. susie now is in Afua's room - see image below - at her temporary home for children with serious illness and their parents.

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