Monday, July 7, 2014

Aart 4 Afua - Acquiring works from this site.

Dear online friends of Afua

Acquiring works from the Art for Afua site.

For those that could not come to our first event on 19.07.2014 but are still wanting to help Afua you can still acquire works via this site. 

New works will be posted. The works will be offered on a first come first serve base. If we get many emails offer for an item the first and the best one will be rewarded with the item. 

Just send an email to with the required data listed below:

subject: ONLINE - 'silent auction/ stille Auktion' for Afua

The LOT number you want to acquire: 

Your name:                                         
Your address:                                               
Phone number:

How much you are willing to give for the respective lot:

The minimum amount should be any amount between the estimated value of the lot.

After you sent us your decision you will be required to transfer the total amount as soon as possible. Only after the donation is received you will be able to pick up or ship or your item.

You will have to pick the work at basis e.V. yourself in a future date. If you are not from frankfurt we will help you to ship your lot yourself. You will pay for the shipping.

If you wish to see the work before acquiring it you are more than welcome. Just send us an email or call us and we make an appointment for it.

For any question please just email

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